Take the hassle out of performance reviews.

Store your feedback all in one place. Generate reports at the push of a button.


Record Feedback Conveniently

BCC us in relevant emails, or take private notes on our personalised mobile and web-apps.

Review And Amend

We collate your feedback on a centralised cloud database that you can review and amend.

Generate Performance Reviews

Produce customised performance review templates for your team members at the click of a button.


Submit And Store Your Feedback

Easily write down your thoughts at a time that suits you.

Submit feedback

Submit your feedback any time in a simple pop-up box.

Keep your feedback confidential

Choose the thoughts you want to keep for your eyes only- no worries about wording.

Use the platform that suits you

Add Goldmint to emails you're already sending or take dedicated notes.

Track and Review your Feedback

Keep on top of communication with your team.

Track your Feedback Habits

See when you last updated your teammates, and how often you do.

Receive Reminders

Receive prompts when it suits you to follow up with your team members.

Amend your Feedback

Change reports or delete those that are no longer relevant.

Generate Performance Reviews

Create report templates at the click of a button.

Save Time

Say goodbye to writing reviews for days or weeks on end.

Quickly Create Your Reports

Generate performance review templates instantly.

Customise Reports To Suit Your Needs

Edit each review until you're happy to sign off on it.


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